Monday, August 27, 2007

back from Marquette

We went to Marquette this weekend because our daughter was starting back to school at NMU. What a beautiful place! We love to go there! We went to the top of Sugar Loaf, spectacular view. I took lots of pictures there, and lots of pictures of Lake Superior again. At some point I will definitely do a series from these photos. Possibly a triptych.
We also looked through some art galleries. My favorite thing I saw were relief pieces from found objects by Jeff Krino. I'm going to see if he has a website.
Since I'm thinking about changing my prices, I'm especially noticing pricing as I go to galleries and shows now. Some things were super cheap- but the quality wasn't great... there were watercolors at $1,200 for a fairly good sized painting. I thought they were possibly more inline with what I am doing. I got some good display and storage ideas too. One painter made a really practical rack out of pvc pipe, and used some insulating foam to cushion the edges of the frames. I'm going to go to the lumberyard to price those things. I'm also looking for the best way to tack canvas to wood rather than stretching the canvas like I've been doing. I really liked painting my last painting on wood- it was just a scrap piece my husband put together for me.
I'm looking forward to painting tonight with my friends!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


By the way, the polls are open again! The first one I did was open for 6 days- I think this one might be the same. I only had 2 votes, one was my husband and one was my daughter- lol!
Anyway, I'm trying it again. There are just 2 choices so make a decision and press a dot. Thanks for participating!

Art workshop at Joan's

I have a wonderful neighbor named Joan who is an artist. She creates colorful monotypes- very beautiful.

My daughter, my painting buddies, and I recently spent the day at Joan's workshop. It was super fun. She had a lot of sunflowers in bloom and she invited her art friends to come down and capture them in the media of our choice. There were about 15 of us that spent the day creating. It was interesting to see how different each of us chose to work; different compositions, different media, different set ups... everyone was unique! I still haven't finished my painting- but I will! You can see what I have done so far on the top right- those of you that know how I paint know that it won't look anything like this in the end. I drew all over it with a sharpie, so we'll see what happens with that! It seemed like a good idea at the time :-)

Joan also demonstrated oil pastels. She has such a bubbly enthusiasm for her artwork, it's just fun to be around her. I also really liked how she put up artist quotes on stakes all over her yard, and each stake had a cheerful little stuffed flower at the top- it was cute! Thanks Joan for a great day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

back from camping

Just home from camping. We were gone for 3 nights. It was beautiful on Lake Michigan. I need to paint a sunset, I never have...
I got home and received in the mail the application for the Guild review of Standards. So, that's my next thing I need to do. I have to send in slides of my work and a booth slide for review to see if I can get in next year. Hopefully, I will get my booth slides from the photographer soon! I want to send this in right away!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I want to give a super warm welcome to any 43things friends who are helping me reach my goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheers to you all! I just posted on 43things 2 new goals. I want to get 25 comments on this Blog, and have 25 people take my survey. If you don't know about check it out. It's a goal setting website, it's fun, try it!


Just took a family trip to Toledo. We went to the zoo, the Mudhens game, and the Art Museum. I'm hoping to capture some of it in drawings and paintings. I really love Toledo! There are the cutest polar bear cubs right now. They make you remember how much fun life is, they romp around with such joy! The animals are fun but don't miss the garden! The zoo has the absolute best gardens around. The gardener there is amazing, he is so knowledgeable. Last year he gave me some seeds from an unusual plant called "Love in a Puff". The seeds actually have a heart on them. He has a huge collection of colleus, roses, and many more perreniels. The trimming and pruning is scrupulous. Flowers are a favorite subject of mine in my art work.
We had a Mexican dinner on the river, very pretty and relaxing. The Mudhens game was fun, they won! The weather was perfect!
At the Art Museum there was a Warhol show. I especially liked the prints on the glittery paper- diamond dust. Might be fun to try to replicate that with my art students...
I love the Vasarely, Close, Marisol, there. I love Picasso's woman with the crow- has to be one of my all time faves. and Cezanne, what's not to love... What a great day! What a great trip! I'm so lucky that the whole family loves this type of thing. Go Mudhens!

Thankful for Friends

OK, so, I'm still thinking about the Ann Arbor Show... One of the things I'm most thankful for are my friends and family who made such an effort to drive over and find me at the show. I know some people came who have never been to the art show before! I'm sure I'll forget someone when I try to list everyone, but I want to try to remember.

On the first day, first thing, while I was still in a daze, my good painting buddies Sandia and Mary came! That started my day out right!

I remember Michelle and her husband showing up- and said it was hard to find me, I wonder how many other people had trouble too. I had given post cards to a lot of people with the initial location that the Guild gave us, then right before the show they changed our location... I'm so glad they found me- what a great surprise! I heard Judy was there when I was away from the booth:-(, sorry Judy.

Our good friends Doug and Vandria came, I even got to sneak away and have dinner with them thanks to Lauren. So many of our longtime favorite friends came-Steve and Becky and Laura! and I got to spend some time looking around with them, yeah! -Dawn, Vern, and Brittney! It was such a fun surprise to see you! -Joan, Chelsea, Carol, Cathy! You were all so sweet to make the trip over. I wish I would have been there when you showed up, I would have enjoyed it so much. Patti and her sister Terri came out for a fun sister day! Happy birthday Terri! Jen, You're the best! You are such an encouragement and a blessing to me! I hope you had an awesome day with your girlfriends.

My dad and Becky even came! That was a huge surprise! We were taking a break and eating dinner when they happened to walk by!

Of course my favorite visitor and helper extrodinaire was Jamie!! and my favorite girls Cara and Jena. Thanks everyone for your support! and my family for your patience and help while I was concentrating on this for so long- you know I love you.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

What's next?

Here's a photo of our shared booth. The sign above our booth said "Art as a Living". That was the name of the workshop that the Guild sponsered for teachers. Michigan art teachers could participate in the workshop then send in slides of their work to be juried. 5 of us were selected to share the booth. The Guild provided the tent and display units, and guidance from professional artists. It was very generous of them. This gave us the opportunity to experience what it is like for professional artists firsthand. I know this experience will benefit my students.
Now that the Ann Arbor Fair is over, I'm on to thinking about what I should do next. I sent some prints up to a local coffee shop for display today. I need to get more work up around town. I have a lot of original work for sale, and quite a few prints in a variety of sizes.

My artist friend down the street stopped by today to invite me to a workshop she's giving on Aug. 14th. That will be fun! I'll get to spend the day painting. She also invited me to participate in a small show at her house with a few of her other artist friends. That will be in Sept. Sounds like great fun to me. I'll get to meet her friends and try to sell some more work! So, I have to get ready for that now. I'll need to send postcards, and work on some display racks. Hopefully, we'll have good weather! Can't wait!

The Ann Arbor Fair was a good experience, I'm so glad I had the opportunity. I can't help but be disappointed however that I didn't sell enough to cover my expenses. Hopefully, I will get back the money through later sales. I have a lot to figure out on the business side of things... It would be great if I had some sort of manager to do all that for me. I need a rich patron!

I'm also thinking about the direction of my painting. I'm in the middle of 2 paintings that are barn scenes. They are off to a great start. I need to get back at it. We'll be camping next week, so I'll probably get some drawing done there- although, I am bringing along Harry Potter... that might be all I do for the whole trip, read and relax. My daughters just finished the book and loved it, it is sad that it's the last book... I'm going to take my time and really savor it. Talk to you soon.