Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Krasl Art Fair Rocks!

We had such a great time volunteering for the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff in St. Joseph, Mi- beautiful place right on Lake Michigan.  The Krasl art museum is well worth a go- see.  Lots of wonderful sculptures, awesome art lab with more unconventional work and installations, and a big gallery with rotating shows.  They also have this fabulous juried art fair with over 200 booths.  Check it out! Cara worked for the Krasl this year, so the whole family got involved the weekend of the fair.
Julia, Cara, Jena in their volunteer outfits-"altered shirts".
Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, St. Joseph, MI

We won prizes for our efforts making these shirts! We went to Cara's art studio the night before the show and had a fun time sewing these up.  I made an artist apron, Cara made a dress, and Jena made a cute crop top.