Saturday, March 29, 2008

air bubbles

Back to painting air...

I can see a pattern. I like painting what I see out the window. I like painting air. The paintings I'm working on now are out the window at the Landmark Hotel in Marquette- we could see this beautiful steeple from our 3rd floor room.

and yesterday I started painting air again. I loved my concept behind my "Slices of Air" painting, and I really want to do a series on that. I love the idea of how full the air is, and no matter how you slice it, no matter how small, there is stuff in it. I love looking at sunshine through air and thinking about how full that air is. I believe the fullness of God is everywhere, and you couldn't reduce anything small enough to eliminate one iota of him. You couldn't even slice air small enough to cut any pieces of him out of it. and if God is love, and if God is in every little bit of air, then every piece of air is full of love. Air is in us, and around us, we smell it, we breathe it, we need it for our existence. It's there whether we believe in it or not, we need it whether we believe it or not. So, take a breath!

Easter Egg Factory

Have you ever wondered how all those Easter eggs get created???? First, the eggs are layed... The eggmobiles inspect then transport all good eggs to the eggwash. Next they go to the egg-o-matic that adds the shapes, lines, and color. The colors are selected from the rainbow. Meanwhile, baskets are stuffed with fun in the Basket Case machine. Bunnies deliver to the door.