Thursday, January 22, 2009

for May 3

C. and I have a lot to do for the May show!  But, this is fun!  I guess May 3rd is  I spent most of Tues. nite painting night making a Dick Blick order.  M. and I both needed paint, and I ordered stretcher bars. -big stretcher bars-  It costs a small fortune... if you paint, you know what I mean.  Those little tubes of paint, on sale, are $$$$$, and I go through them too fast.  M. zips through orange, and I zip through Prussian Blue.  It should come soon.  Hopefully I can get it stretched, gessoed, and sketched before next Tues.  
By the way, at school I've had a wonderful intern all of Jan.  She's going to make a great teacher.  I hope she gets a job right away.  Some school is going to be lucky to get her.  My student teacher starts Mon.  so, I will have both of them for 2 days!  I already know my student teacher, as she was one of my interns last year.  She's so enthusiastic, and she's good with the kids, and she's a talented artist.  It's going to be a great semester, we're going to have fun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

slow progress

I think they're getting close to being done!  This has taken a long time...